Experience. Honesty. Professionalism.

In Colorado, literally anyone over 18 can go out and attempt to complete your service request. There are undoubtedly apps available now where you can upload your summons and hope for the best. You will likely be promised better service with "no middle man". Funny how that non-existent middle man charges double the going rate! Don't be fooled - serious law firms rely on experienced Process Servers. That's where Hibernia comes in - we're looking to be by your side as a Process Server you can trust not only to get the task at hand completed, but done right.

Once we receive your Service of Process request, your documents are entered into our tracking system immediately. The documents are reviewed for any notable omissions - we're not attorneys, but we've been doing this so long, it can be very obvious when something is missing. We check your service address for signs of private mailbox of typos that would slow the process or increase the cost of service to you by avoiding a known bad address.

The act of serving an individual with process is, for the most part, a very quick transaction. The Process Server identifies the party being served and physically hands the documents over while advising the target they're being served with legal papers.

All very simple, right? Right. Except when it's not. What if the Process Server has to make a lightning fast decision as to whether the individual in front of them is the right person to serve? What if the Process Server has to determine whether the person in front of them is lying? What if the target has already closed their front door while the Process Server is fumbling around trying to figure it out? 

You need a Process Server that can make the right judgment call. Every single time. 

Hibernia has a long established history in Colorado of honesty, professionalism and integrity. We have been serving process in Colorado since 1999 and have built an impeccable reputation within the legal community.