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Avoiding an unnecessary delay: if you're waiting until close to the deadline to decide on serving an individual - verify their address by sending out a postal trace form - it's an extremely cheap way to verify an address.

Witness fees: per C.R.S. § 24-9-104 witness fees are calculated by using 95% of the prevailing IRS rate (2015 is 57.5c) multiplied by the number of miles roundtrip to and from the appearance address. Federal witness fees require a $40 daily allowance in addition to the mileage fee. Local courts in Colorado no longer require any daily allowance.

Local Registered Agent offices:
The Corporation Service Company: closes at 3:30pm, Mon-Thur and 3:00pm Fridays.
The Corporation Company: closes at 4:00pm daily.
National Registered Agents: closes at 4:00pm daily.

Common problems when serving a registered agent:
Make sure the spelling of the corporation matches exactly as it appears on the Secretary of State site -
this will help avoid unnecessary delays. 

Issue: The Corporation Service Company will literally accept anything a process server brings to their office and will not verify they are actually the registered agent until the after the service has been completed. If this office turns out to not be the registered agent, they will simply return it to the attorney directly with a letter explaining the situation.
Resolution: double check the Secretary of State site to make sure the Corporation Service Company is the registered agent.

Issue: The Secretary of State lists many insurance companies as having the Division of Insurance as their registered agent. The Division of Insurance keeps it's own list that does not necessarily match up with the Secretary of State.
Resolution: Always call the Division of Insurance (303-894-7499) to verify they are indeed the registered agent for the corporation you are looking to serve.

Issue: Service of anything to Denver Health.
Resolution: remember anything that requires divulging patient medical records (including billing records) must have a signed release from the patient involved attached to the subpoena. Denver Health has an incredibly diligent gatekeeper that all process servers must first deal with to get the go ahead on a service. Issue: Getting rush service late in the day.Resolution: call your server ahead of time to let them know you may have something coming later - it will always make your day go much easier.

Issue: trying to get an out of the way bank served with a garnishment quickly.
Resolution: bank garnishments can be served to any local branch of that particular bank.