Services Offered

Hibernia is all about Service of Process - whether it's your typical personal injury case, a H.O.A. demand for payment of dues or the very delicate work of Probate matters - we are the most experienced Process Servers you will ever find anywhere in the Denver Metro Area. We are honest to a fault and will never disappoint you.

Email your service documents to and we'll send you a very prompt response letting you know we have what we need and are ready to go. We will always let you know if we see anything amiss in the documents for service. If you ever need a witness fee to accompany the service, just let us know and we'll cut the check and put it with your service documents. *There is no charge other than the face value of the check.*

If we run into any issues whatsoever with the service, we will let you know immediately. In the event the address you have for service is bad, we can always run a skip trace on the individual. After 20 years, we have become very good at it and will never charge you if we are unable to locate the target. 

Once service is complete, we will email you the return of service along with our invoice. From there, we hope you're so impressed with our service, we'll be hearing from you very soon!