Clive Mulvihill

Founder & Process Server Extraordinaire

Not your typical Process Server....

I immigrated to the United States in 1996 from Kerry, Ireland and landed in Colorado in 1999. Colorado has been so kind to me over the years I can't imagine living anywhere else and feel very lucky to be able to raise my family here.

I started Hibernia in December 1999 - after being here a short while, it became abundantly clear the Denver area was desperately in need of honest, professional process servers. "Keep it simple, keep it honest" has been our motto for years and living up to that on each and every request has been the single biggest ingredient to our success.

I've seen many ups and downs in this field over the years. Process servers come and go but in the words of a longtime client "when you find a good process server, hang onto them like death". Hibernia has maintained throughout many economic turns because we are here for the long game. No shenanigans, just good service every single time.

Call or email me for more information - I promise you, I don't disappoint.

Clive Mulvihill

Director of Operations