When Attorneys and Paralegals have questions about Service of Process, we're the ones they call.​​

Experience you can trust.

Over 20 years of expertise in service of process.


We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing fast, reliable and professional service.
There is only one way to prove our worth to attorneys - by getting the job done every day, year after year.

Making sure you get the service you deserve.

Hibernia is the leading process serving company in the Denver Metro Area- with over 20 years of expertise, we are dedicated to providing attorneys and private individuals with the best service available. Our motto 'keep it simple, keep it honest' is exactly how we operate our business and you can rest assured knowing you can trust Hibernia on each and every request. 

Our job is to ensure your summons, subpoenas, complaints and any other legal documents are served quickly and in accordance with all applicable laws. We are very knowledgeable as to local, state and federal rules regarding service of process. We are very experienced in handling difficult and evasive recipients and when the job is complete, we will provide you with proof of service ensuring the legality and accuracy of the service.  

​Hibernia, Inc.